“Heavy Rotation” on WNYC radio

Shortly after 1:20pm EDT today (Monday), editor Peter Terzian and contributors Joshua Ferris and Martha Southgate will be talking about Heavy Rotation on WNYC's Leonard Lopate show, airing in New York City on 93.9 FM and AM 820 and streamable anywhere from the show's webpage. (Free download through I-Tunes available here, at least for a while.)

In other Heavy Rotation news, Liz Brown has blogged about the book at Kill Fee, and Peter has written a guest post at Large-hearted Boy about the role music has played in helping him mourn the loss of his mother.

Update, July 13: Newsday published a full-page preview of the book on July 11, and Publishers Weekly gave the book a starred review (scroll down) on July 6, writing that "these essays exhibit a perfect blend of respect and irreverence, with
an intoxicating intimacy; readers who love music will devour this
collection, and beg for a second volume."

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  1. You've closed the comments on the Botton review, but with the Telegraph piece today, the issue has resurfaced. I'm not ashamed to identify myself as an American author, longlisted for the Orange Prize, with two books published in the UK, who can't even get published or reviewed in the U.S., much less any attention from the NYT. I'll keep trying until I get there. So how irksome to find that someone with a solid career established, a Swiss no less, (I'm a dual Swiss-American national due to my marriage to an ICRC veteran) is griping about your review. I like his work on Proust, I admire his productivity, but he can't expect to hit a bull's eye everytime.

  2. The Leonard Lopate show discussion is also currently available through iTunes. It looks like they keep about 2 weeks' worth of shows up at a time there.

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