The Wreck surveyed

Over at Conversational Reading, Levi Stahl has been kind enough to write of The Wreck of the Henry Clay that "this attractively chunky, almost pocket-sized collection works surprisingly well as a book." Stahl's is the second notice the Wreck has received (the first was from Chris Shea at Brainiac, registering the fact that my blog now came in a "meatspace edition"), which is two more than I was expecting. It is of course not too late to buy a copy (click here!). It now costs just $14.95 in ink-and-paper, and during the month of July, you can get it for 10 percent less than that if you enter the code "JULYCONTEST10" when you check out.

Update, June 22: Magic Molly added some nice words on June 16, as did Jeremy Hatch at The Rumpus on June 11.

Further update, June 24: The New Yorker's blog Book Bench interviews me about the dark secrets behind the production of the news-making Wreck of the Henry Clay.

Still later update, June 28: Duck Beater wrote on June 22 that he's buying a copy, and it may be the only book he buys all summer.

Even later, July 8: Peter Mendelsund writes at Jacket Mechanical that the Wreck is "one of the most entertaining and informative books I’ve read all year."