A review in Publishers Weekly of my novel

In the latest issue of Publishers Weekly, there’s another positive early review of my novel Necessary Errors. If you’re a subscriber you can search for it at their site, but otherwise the review is not online at all. Excerpt: “Crain reinvents the novel of the innocent in his well-wrought debut. . . . The novel is full of the kinds of conversations shared by intelligent, earnest young people everywhere; the parallels between their idealism and uncertainty and those of their adopted country are handled with great skill.”

A review in Library Journal of my novel

My novel Necessary Errors, which will come out in August from Penguin, got an early positive review yesterday from Library Journal. The reviewer, Travis Fristoe, calls the plot “compelling,” the “nuance and dialog . . . an observational wonder,” and the book as a whole “a pleasure to navigate with its large, likable cast.” You have to be a subscriber to read the whole review, but some is visible even without a subscription.

The dress I’ll be going to the party in

I’m pleased to introduce the cover to my forthcoming novel, Necessary Errors, which will be published by Penguin as a paperback original and an e-book in August. The cover is visible at the top of the right-hand column of this webpage—it’s the one in light blue. If you click on it, or if you direct your browser to steamthing.com/necessaryerrors, you’ll be led to a webpage for the book, hosted on this blog, which reprints the advance praise that a few early readers have been kind enough to send along.

Also, for the very curious, below is what the jacket for the advance reader’s copy looks like. It has what are known as French flaps, as the finished book will—though the finished book will look slightly different in other respects.

ARC jacket for Necessary Errors

Penguin will publish my novel in 2013

I’m very happy to announce that Penguin will be publishing my novel Necessary Errors as a paperback original in 2013. My editor will be Allison Lorentzen; the deal was negotiated by Sarah Chalfant of the Wylie Agency.

The title comes from a phrase in an Auden poem. I haven’t yet quite risen to the challenge of saying what the novel is about; when asked, I murmur, “Youth,” and gesture vaguely and wistfully upward. But it’s probably too soon to say more to the world at large anyway. More news in a year or so!