Penguin will publish my novel in 2013

I’m very happy to announce that Penguin will be publishing my novel Necessary Errors as a paperback original in 2013. My editor will be Allison Lorentzen; the deal was negotiated by Sarah Chalfant of the Wylie Agency.

The title comes from a phrase in an Auden poem. I haven’t yet quite risen to the challenge of saying what the novel is about; when asked, I murmur, “Youth,” and gesture vaguely and wistfully upward. But it’s probably too soon to say more to the world at large anyway. More news in a year or so!

11 thoughts on “Penguin will publish my novel in 2013”

  1. Caleb,

    That's five-star wonderful news. I can't wait to read it (but will wait). I'm with Karl about your n+1 appearance, which was great reading.

    Congratulations! And way to go Penguin!

    Your pal Wyatt

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