2 thoughts on “First impressions versus second thoughts”

  1. Thanks, Caleb. Effective reflective piece. Maybe it wasn't the lack of message but of organization some initially felt weak. Either way, new info. today again underscores the signs – from Reuters this evening: "There were fewer jobs and they paid less last year, except at the very top, where the number of people making more than $1 million increased by 20 percent over 2009. The median paycheck — half made more, half less — fell again in 2010, down 1.2 percent to $26,364. That works out to $507 a week, the lowest level, after adjusting for inflation, since 1999." Here's the link to the full article, by David Cay Johnston:
    http://blogs.reuters.com/david-cay-johnston/2011/10/19/first-look-at-us-pay-data-its-awful/ These signs and more warrant full support. Trust all's well. Joe

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