Video of n+1’s evangelicalism panel

On 8 December 2009, I moderated a panel, “Evangelicalism and the Contemporary Intellectual,” which was organized by the journal n+1 and hosted by the New School. The panelists were Malcolm Gladwell, Christine Smallwood, and James Wood. N+1 has posted the one-and-a-half-hour video on its website.

Update, Dec. 30: You can also download the video from the Internet Archive.

3 thoughts on “Video of n+1’s evangelicalism panel”

  1. Thanks, Caleb. Very interesting to see and hear this panel. Only Malcolm Gladwell could call the bible an “ambitious” work, without any hint of sarcasm. I’ve not finished it yet, need a break, hard on hearing parts, but am reminded of once when I was an altar boy, waking early every morning to serve at 5:30 mass, and one morning I fell asleep on the altar, on my knees, and suddenly snapped back awake, the priest snapping his fingers at me, and I, alarmed and panicked, grabbed the bells and started ringing them, furiously, but no, it wasn’t time for the bells, but time to go get the water and wine. Now, of course, it’s great fun to ring the bells when no one’s expecting them. BTW, here’s a very good blog I’ve been following – do you know it?

  2. Hi, Joe. Funny story. I have checked in on the Religion in American History blog from time to time, yes; it's very good. I'm afraid I'm partly responsible for the sound troubles on the n+1 video, because I seem to have gotten so wrapped up in talking to James, Christine, and Malcolm that I forgot about the microphone, and the need to speak into it.

  3. Hi Caleb! Thanks for this. I attended the panel and enjoyed it very much. I'm glad to have a link to pass along to those who couldn't make it.

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