Heavy Rotation, the later reviews

This weekend, my boyfriend's music-memoir anthology Heavy Rotation was reviewed by the Los Angeles Times, which calls it "a collection of informed essays that offer personal insight and literary merit." 

Meanwhile, over at the website for Powells bookstore, Peter is blogging all week, and has already written about trying as a child to return albums whose sexuality embarrassed him and about the clash between his curating and his collecting impulses.

Update, July 28: At More Intelligent Life, a blog associated with the magazine The Economist, Corbin Hiar writes that "Like a discerning vinyl collector in a cluttered record shop, Peter Terzian has assembled an impressive and eclectic group of essayists to reflect on “the albums that changed their lives” in his new book Heavy Rotation."

Further update, July 31: The Second Pass features Heavy Rotation on its blog, noting that the women in the anthology tend to relate music to "external experiences," while the men focus on "what the music says about them."

Still more, August 3: Mark Medley of Canada's National Post interviews Peter in-depth about the inspiration for and assembling of Heavy Rotation, the future of the album, and what he's listening to now.