Their Name Is Legion

Pace the plausible deniers, there exists a blog devoted to exploring, in a spirit that is a ghastly echo of secular openmindedness, the idea that Obama is the Antichrist, and its readers take McCain’s recent web ad “The One” very much in earnest. In the comments section of this blog, a woman reports describing her enthusiasm over the news about the Antichrist to her psychiatrist, who then “gave me more meds.” Perhaps the McCain campaign would like to reimburse her health insurer? And then there’s the commenter “Assasinforfather” [sic], who is angry because the world is controlled by Satan and because, in what seems to have been a special revelation, he discovered that at the end of the world there will be no rapture, only universal tribulation. He writes that of “all the men in my lifetime who have been accused of being THE antichrist, Obama is the only one that the Spirit of Father has warned me of,” and warns that “I know who will give the beast the deadly wound.” Perhaps the McCain campaign would like to reimburse the Secret Service for the cost of paying this fellow a visit?

Under the cover of unacknowledged messages, a contribution can be made to the pool of irrationality in a culture. I’m not blaming the internet, by the way. Nixon was able to summon the silent majority from the vasty deep long before the internet existed. It is thanks to the internet, in fact, that one may see the process of summoning at work. One may watch an advertisement preying on superstition and fear one day, and then read the words of the mentally unstable, as they take courage from it, the next. The mentally unstable cannot be held to account, but the suits who stir them up may be.

PS: There’s a comprehensive round-up of Obama-as-Antichrist-alia here.

3 thoughts on “Their Name Is Legion”

  1. Those words were only meant for those who hear. The REAL antichrist will only be revealed to those who have the same spirit as Daniel, in the old testament, who did not bow down to the graven image, or its ideolegy, or the number of his name. Those who rise early and lay their head down in honer of the TRUE Father of all who listen. Yes, I know who will give the deadly would to the ghastly beast who deceives the WHOLE world. That only makes one a soothsayer not insane and no one is right 100% of the time, only Father. Recognition or belief is the last thing that is seeked. Those who know, WILL KNOW! I need say nothing. But I do, just because. Because in this world where anything goes and "if it feels good do it" only gives emptiness in the end. I believe in the ONE promise. Eternal Life. The promise of a new peaceful world that will not be won with any weapon but LOVE! I chose LOVE! When Father's ONLY begotten Son returns, He will reclaim this earth, which yes, is now ruled by shallow men and satan, and restore this earth to its original pupose. Men will practice war no more. That is truth whether you believe it or not. I get that from no book or philosophy. Father is speaking loudly to HIS children.
    OH, then there are those who say that "What kind of father would let this world be in such a state as it is in", Oh athiest's, do you fail to realize that WE HUMANS have made this world the way it is. FREE WILL. He gave this world to us and it is US who have failed. If I were really to go deeper into it, money shouldn't even be in the vocabulary, but all is free and free for all and if the world was governed that way there would be no hunger. But that is a whole other topic.
    We all have our own gifts. It is up to us how we use them.
    We all fail, but it is in our nature to succeed.
    In the end we will ALL look at our reflection and see, without a doubt, we are not our own.

  2. A-for-F:

    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts with people who disagree with your point of view.

    This blog isn't actually about steamboats. The name of this blog comes from a line of humorous dialogue in a little-read novel.

    I'm glad to hear that you believe that a peaceful world "will not be won with any weapon but LOVE," and I agree with you on that.

    all best, Caleb

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