A Night Out with Liam Finn

Peter has a piece in the New York Times today describing his “Night Out with Liam Finn,” whose music he loves. Close readers of the article may be curious to learn the etymology of “daggy,” which did not make it into the final draft: it’s literally a New Zealand word used to describe a sheep’s rear with dung stuck to it.

While on the topic of Peter’s discoveries in indie rock, he stumbled across a link a couple of days ago to the musician Phil Elverum’s photos of every book in his house, which I was completely transfixed by.

One thought on “A Night Out with Liam Finn”

  1. Even more amazing than Phil Elverum's books is Phil Elverum's music. I couldn't recommend "The Glow, pt. 2" and "It was hot, we stayed in the water" highly enough. Very weird, but very good.

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