Shallow background

A few weeks ago, I bought a T-shirt from American Apparel, a company that disavows sweatshops. In the vitrine of their store in Nolita, they were then featuring a Florida voting booth from the 2000 presidential election, complete with the confusing “Do you know whether you’re voting for Buchanan or Gore?” booklet. It may still be there, for all I know.

So a detail in a photo of Benjamin L. Ginsberg on page A24 of this morning’s New York Times caught my eye. Yesterday Ginsberg resigned from Bush’s reelection campaign, where he had been the chief legal counsel, because it turns out that he’s also the legal adviser for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, so-called. In the photo, to his left and the viewer’s right, is something that looks like an oversize TV dinner, opened on a tray table. I could be wrong–I can’t find an online photo to confirm my hunch–but I’m pretty sure it’s a Florida voting booth from the 2000 presidential election. Cute, huh?

[Note: I didn’t want to see the gentleman’s face anymore, so I’ve turned the photo into a link.]