Bear Mountain State Park, 5/26/2020

Common yellowthroat (female), Bear Mountain State Park

Eastern tiger swallowtail, Bear Mountain State Park

Somewhat faster than they arrived, all the interesting birds have left Brooklyn. But by driving north for an hour, we caught up to a few of them in Bear Mountain State Park. I’m pretty sure this is a female common yellowthroat. Also saw a magnolia warbler and a few birds I couldn’t identify, but none of those photos are up to snuff.

Instagram “residency” at the Chicago Review of Books

I’m in “residence” for a week at the Instagram account of the Chicago Review of Books.

An excerpt from “Overthrow” in Harper’s

Excerpt from 'Overthrow' by Caleb Crain in August 2019 Harper's

There’s an excerpt from my forthcoming novel Overthrow in the Readings section of the August 2019 issue of Harper’s magazine. The physical magazine showed up in our mailbox this weekend, so it’s probably on newsstands by now, too. Check it out, and order the novel itself early and often! It comes out August 27, but you can already buy it from your local independent bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Viking itself.