Prospect Park, 9/2/2020

Bay-breasted warbler (first winter), Prospect Park

This one is hard to identify! My first guess was pine warbler, then yellow-throated vireo, then briefly Lawrence’s warbler, but in the end I’m going with the first-winter incarnation of bay-breasted warbler.

Morning glory, Prospect Park

Purple coneflower, Prospect Park

Paper mulberry fruit, Prospect Park

Buckeye fruit, Prospect Park

When this tree was in flower, I thought it was a bottlebrush buckeye, but now that there’s a fruit, I’m wondering if it’s a California buckeye.

Prospect Park, 7/23/2020

Chipmunk holding tail, Prospect Park

Plum or cherry of some kind?, Prospect Park

Wild bergamot, Prospect Park

Since it was cooler this morning, Toby didn’t need to wear the brace even briefly, but we took a shorter walk, anyway, as a precaution, just up Lookout Hill and back. That might be a bitter cherry, but I’m not at all sure; there was a light green fruit on the same tree that looked for all the world like an olive. The chipmunk was cleaning his tail, and also cleaned his nose, and while licking the inside of one of his front legs extended the leg in what looked like a rude gesture, but I decided against that photo, as too much in the vein of funny animal videos.