Prospect Park, 10/7/2021

Hermit thrush, Prospect Park

Northern parula, Prospect Park

Bay-breasted warbler (drab), Prospect Park

Bay-breasted warbler (drab), Prospect Park

The two photos above are of the same individual. I think it was a bay-breasted warbler, but I’m not 100% sure. The other possibility is blackpoll warbler, but in the photos this bird doesn’t have orange feet, its breast is relatively unstreaked, and there’s a black contrast bar between its wing bars.

Black-throated blue warbler (male), Prospect Park

This black-throated blue warbler swooped down straight toward me, deciding only at the last minute that my ancient olive-putty-colored windbreaker was not in fact shrubbery.

Tennessee warbler, Prospect Park

Another bird I’m not sure of. It was very green, but mottledly. I think it was a Tennessee warbler, but in the photo there seems to be a pattern and maybe some coloration on its breast, so maybe it was a Cape May?

Downy woodpecker, Prospect Park

Nashville warbler, Prospect Park