Prospect Park, 6/23/2021

Green heron nestlings, Prospect Park

When I visited this green heron nest before I left town last week, it was empty, and I wondered if it had been abandoned. But today I saw two nestlings in residence, already looking quite large. Three adult herons are hanging around. I’m not sure what their arrangement is, but I suspect it’s a couple plus an interloper, because I saw one of the adults chase another away.

Carolina wren, Prospect Park

As I walked onto the Nether Mead, I saw a blobby little white-and-gray bird gleaning at the edge of the sidewalk. A tiny owl? It flew up when two dogs galloped past, and I saw that it was a budgie. It’s probably an escaped pet, because it let me get quite close when I was taking the picture below. I tried holding out a hand to see if it would come to me, but it didn’t. It was in a shrub at the edge of the Nether Mead toward the Audubon House.

Budgerigar (domestic), Prospect Park