Prospect Park, 4/18–19/2021

Blue-headed vireo, Prospect Park

In person this morning, I couldn’t see the bird just above clearly enough to identify it, and marked it down for either a ruby-throated kinglet or a pine warbler. But my photos, though not very good, show an eyering that suggests it’s a blue-headed vireo.

Eastern towhee (male), Prospect Park

Hermit thrush, Prospect Park

White-breasted nuthatch, Prospect Park

I was hoping to catch a second glimpse at, and maybe take a better photo of, a whip-poor-will that I saw last night. Alas, I couldn’t find it this morning. Here’s the messy fluffpile that I photographed last night, which on the word of far better birders than I is a whip-poor-will:

Whip-poor-will, Prospect Park

Evening additions:

Belted kingfisher, Prospect Park

Yellow-rumped warbler, Prospect Park