Prospect Park, 1/14/2021

Thrush, Prospect Park

Almost no birds at all yesterday or the day before, but several today. Very tentatively I suggest that this is a gray-cheeked thrush? The eyering isn’t complete, so I don’t think it’s a hermit thrush, and the face seems streaky gray rather than brown, so I suspect it’s a gray-cheeked rather than a Bicknell’s thrush. On the other hand, though, the tail looks reddish, so it might be a Bicknell’s, after all. Still, I’m putting my poker chip on gray-cheeked. (Am happy to be corrected!)

UPDATE: Alas, I’m told that this is probably just a hermit thrush with a funny eye ring.

There was a Carolina wren high in a tree, singing its heart out to welcome the sunrise, but too high for me to get a picture worth posting. It was easy to get close to the mallards, on the other hand, because they were preoccupied with getting all chesty with each other.

Mallards, Prospect Park

Mallards, Prospect Park

Tufted titmouse, Prospect Park

Swan and coot, Prospect Park