Phone-bank with me on Halloween!

Come phone-bank with me on Halloween!

Come phone-bank with me and a bunch of birders this Saturday! You can sign up at Auk the Vote. The goal is to flip several Senate races blue.

If you’ve never phone-banked before, no worries! I hadn’t either until last Saturday, when I tried it out. (It isn’t necessary to know anything about birding, either, by the way.) Once you sign up with Auk the Vote, you’ll get an email with info about the campaign and about how to navigate the phone-banking software, which is pretty straightforward. And after you join the Zoom, which is at 6pm East Coast time / 3pm West Coast time on Saturday, there are trainers in the Zoom room who can show you how to phone-bank (or refresh your skills, if you’re already pro). Before we call voters, my friend David will interview me a little about my newbie birding, and afterwards, they’ll give away some copies of my latest novel.

Hope to see you there!