Prospect Park, 8/26/2020

Black-and-white warbler, Prospect Park

American redstart, Prospect Park

Ruby-crowned kinglet, Prospect Park

Carolina silverbell fruit, Prospect Park

Flycatcher (maybe alder flycatcher?), Prospect Park

Bee (deceased), Prospect Park

Magnolia warbler, Prospect Park

The migrating birds are back in town, and I’m such a novice birder that I’m going to have to learn them all over again. (In my defense, I note that spring took place several eons ago.) I would never have figured out that these lantern-like fruits are from a Carolina silverbell, which isn’t even in my Sibley’s Guide to Trees, if it weren’t for the interactive map at the Prospect Park Treekeeper site. The bee in the photo above has expired, hunched over his laptop.