Prospect Park, 5/16/2020

Brown-headed cowbirds (male and female), Prospect Park

American redstart (male), singing, Prospect Park

Bay-breasted warbler, Prospect Park

Northern flicker, Prospect Park

Thrush (hermit or gray-cheeked?), Prospect Park

Midday: At lunchtime, I found this bird on the sidewalk outside our building. One of our neighbors, several stories up, called down from her open window to say that he had just collided with her window when it was shut. (For the record, our building is pre-war, and has modestly sized windows, not large plate-glass ones.) She asked if the bird was dead, and I had to tell her that he seemed to be. By coincidence, he’s a bay-breasted warbler, like the one I couldn’t get a good photograph of this morning.

Bay-breasted warbler (male, deceased)


Common yellowthroat, Prospect Park