Prospect Park, 8/21/2019

Ivy on lamppost, Prospect Park

Morning glories, Prospect Park

Purple asters, Prospect Park

Seed pods, Eastern hophornbeam, Prospect Park

Locked out of Instagram, for the crime of telling my web browser to pretend to be a smartphone! So I’ll post here, where the photos don’t have to be square. Let me know if you can identify the tree in the last photo.

UPDATE, Aug. 22: Matthew Wills identifies the tree as an Eastern hophornbeam.

3 thoughts on “Prospect Park, 8/21/2019”

  1. Hi Caleb,
    We came across your photos here at the Prospect Park Alliance and think they’re really beautiful. Would it be okay if we posted one or two on our Instagram account?

    Also, what kind of tree is pictured in the last photo?


  2. I think this is Eastern Hophornbeam, Ostrya virginina. Alternate branching, simple leaves that are toothed, that bladder-like fruit-cluster. Tip of the hat to NWF’s Field Guide to Trees of North America.

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