One thought on “Bologna”

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying Bologna! I spend the summers there. My father lived there for most of his life.
    In the fresco in San Petronio of the devil in hell, Mohammed is included among the damned. A few years ago there was a rumor of a terrorist plot against the fresco, and so since then an army jeep circles the church every few minutes, day and night.
    In response to another post of yours: I think Emily Dickinson has had a long moment in Italy. Micol in The Garden of the Finzi-Contini wrote her thesis on Dickinson. It’s always surprising to find out which authors of one’s own literature are celebrated in other countries, but I do think that Dickinson’s place in the Italian pantheon of literature in English is secure. (George Eliot, on the other hand, is a virtual unknown.)

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