A review on the Lambda Literary website, and a few other notices

On the Lambda Literary website, there’s a very generous review by James McDonald of my novel Necessary Errors. Much appreciated!

There were also some nice notices of the book recently by Jim Santel (“an unhurried, meditative story”), by Cassie Marketos (“enthusiastic, relatable, and [ahem] relevant naiveté”), by Monika Woods (“captures something special, something essential and good about life and youth and experience”), and on the blog Half Step, Whole Step (“a mood characterized by a simultaneous waiver of rules and a basic imminence”). The book appeared on best-of-2013 lists at Salon, where it was cited by Mark Athitakis, Eric Banks, and Kathryn Schulz; on the podcast Chimera Obscura, where it was cited by Willard Spiegelman; on the blog Wormbook; and on the website The Nerdist.