Malá strana

Malá strana, Prague, 1990 or 1991, photo Caleb Crain

A photograph from 1990 or 1991 of Malá strana, Prague. [Originally mislabeled by me as “Nové město,” and corrected thanks to the comment below.]

If this image were included in an extra-illustrated binding of the novel Necessary Errors, the binder would be at liberty to position it pretty much anywhere. (For an explanation of extra-illustration, click here.)

2 thoughts on “Malá strana”

  1. Sincere apologies for the pedantry,but this alleyway by the Italian Embassy on Nerudova is in Mala Strana, not Nové Město. Once a useful passage to the Castle, now locked.
    Have just finished your novel and was swept away by it. Particularly impressed by the differently-accented dialogue and meticulous sense of place. Hope you will be publishing it in the UK too!

    1. You’re completely right. My only excuse is that I programmed all of these photos into my blog very late the night before my book was published. Thanks for the kind words!

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