The NYTBR, Kirkus, and Slate

There’s a somewhat mixed review of my novel in Sunday’s New York Times Book Review. Aaron Hamburger writes that he wishes there were more of a plot and that I had written explicit sex scenes. He praises the “lovely, sure-handed prose,” however.

Over all, I’ve been tremendously fortunate in the critical reception of the book so far, in its quantity and its tone, and I remain very grateful for it.

For example, also today, Kirkus has published an interview with me by Jaime Netzer, who has done a very artful job of letting me ramble on while somehow pulling together a story about the role that the critical impulse plays in the writing of a novel.

And in Slate, Jane Hu has written a generous and thoughtful essay that looks into, among other things, the novel’s debt to Auden, its lack of a conventional plot, and the question of its relation to postmodernism.