A review in the Boston Globe, and a video interview

In the Boston Globe, Jon Garelick has written a generous review of my novel, in which he notes that “Crain is his own meta-critic, making literary analysis a convincing part of Jacob’s narrative.”

A couple of months ago, in the spring, Rich Fahle conducted an interview with me about the novel at New York’s Book Expo, and Fahle’s new website, Bibliostar TV, has just released a video of the interview.

One thought on “A review in the Boston Globe, and a video interview”

  1. Encountering this nice interview at about page 135 of the novel, I’m struck by how the group-away-from-home thing is a Prague-like feature of New York City, which is almost as foreign to most Americans as any European capital. (And now Brooklyn, which is still exotic to this ancient Upper East Sider.) Through a nephew’s connections, I’ve followed the adventures of a charming young woman, which are about to culminate in marriage to a man she met at work. I keep telling her that there’s a novel in her outgrowing her intensely-bonded band of school friends, but she’s still too close to it.
    Thanks for a superb novel!

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