Another cup or two

I’ll be answering questions about “Tea and Antipathy,” my New Yorker article about the role that smuggling merchants may have played in fomenting the American Revolution, during a “live chat” on the New Yorker website today (Wednesday, Dec. 15) at 3pm.

If you’re looking for questions to ask me, check out “‘The Revolution May Have Been Astroturfed’?”, a post by J. L. Bell at his blog Boston 1775, in which he fills in some details of the Tea Party story that I didn’t have room for in my New Yorker piece and raises some good questions about the hypothesis I entertain.

Update, Dec. 16: Thanks to all who participated in the live chat, which has now been precipitated into a transcript on the New Yorker website. Meanwhile, over at Boston 1775, J. L. Bell today adds a further supplement to my historiographic blog post by reviewing the scholarship of Oliver Morton Dickerson, who focused on the self-dealing of the British customs service in the American colonies.