Close call

I've found myself repeating silently the words "the Obama administration," just because I like the sound of them. It's reassuring. The Obama administration. The Obama administration.

If, by some fluke, you haven't yet heard, Fox News is reporting—Fox News—Fox News!—that the McCain campaign discovered the hard way that Sarah Palin didn't know until recently that Africa was a continent. Nor did she know which countries belonged to NAFTA. Newsweek is reporting that despite her claims to the contrary, Palin did go rogue with the RNC credit card, leading one McCain aide to describe her shopping spree as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast." Elizabeth Bumiller confirms the story in this morning's New York Times, writing that "The advisers described the McCain campaign as incredulous about the shopping spree and said Republican National Committee lawyers were likely to go to Alaska to conduct an inventory and try to account for all that was spent." More seriously, Newsweek also reports that the Secret Service alerted the Obama campaign of a surge in threats against the candidate in September and early October, when Palin was whipping up her crowds into panicked frenzy, suggesting that John Lewis wasn't wrong to issue such a stern warning.

One thought on “Close call”

  1. i, too, have been chanting to myself the mantra "the Obama administration.." and busting into random giggle fits, and occasionally jumping up & down in a tiny, unobtrusive manner, just to revel in the giddiness bubbling up from my heart.

    in hindsight, this was a far more emotional time than i thought it was. i don't know about you; but i am exhausted, and occasionally weepy with relief that Obama's win was a slam-dunk.

    i am certain that President Obama will make some decisions that will not please me. but he will be very, very good at his job. that's why we hired him.

    and maybe we'll see more of that mccain we thought we knew back in 2000. and less of caribou barbie.

    and maybe we'll see some people putting their heads together to get stuff done that needs doing, rather than hatching elaborate plots to get in each other's way. maybe.

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