Joe Biden defines Sarah Palin

While watching the Republicans go negative during their convention, Joe Biden had an epiphany:

They were like the kids, you know, when you went to school and you were very proud of the new belt you had and the shoes you had. And there was always one kid in the class who said, ‘Oh, are they your brother’s?’ Remember that kid? That’s what this reminded me of. ‘Oh, I love that dress, is that your mother’s?’ You know what I’m talking about. [Video here.]

In other words, Sarah Palin is the underminer.

P.S.: Here are the facts about how she treats her friends, if you’re into that whole reality-based, reading-writing-and-empiricism thing.

2 thoughts on “Joe Biden defines Sarah Palin”

  1. I never know what the hell that bloviator is talking about, and he is going to ruin the Dem's chances unless he shuts up.

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