Regrets, I’ve had a few

“It turns out that in order to become an intellectual, you must first become a pseudo-intellectual,” Keith Gessen writes, in a postscript to What We Should Have Known: Two Discussions, the second pamphlet published by the journal n+1. The pamphlet is a transcription of a roundtable discussion about intellectual regrets. It’s just out and, as I learned yesterday, it’s already the victim of publicity. I was one of the participants (I’m in the second of the two discussions, which is a bit lighter on Adorno than the first), and as an incriminated party, I am with Keith in hoping that the culture will be as indulgent of pretension as it is of slumming.

“Pamphlet,” by the way, is perhaps a piece of false modesty; it’s more of a book—126 pages, including an eight-page bibliography and lists from each of the ten participants of the books that changed their lives. On the back cover, a note declares “FREE for college freshmen and other 18-year-olds (with ID)—write to, and we’ll send you one.” It can also be ordered for $9. Let the canon wars resume.

UPDATE (Oct. 31): Scott McLemee has reviewed the pamphlet for Inside Higher Ed.

2 thoughts on “Regrets, I’ve had a few”

  1. Isn't all publicity good publicity?

    I'll get this, Caleb. It actually might work for a class I'm teaching next semester, since I was going to have them read a little Allan Bloom.

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