Austin, Texas

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Left: Austin, Texas. Right: Cherry Valley, New York.

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Left: At Chester A. Arthur’s grave, Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, New York. Right: “Nipper,” on top of the old RCA building, Albany, New York.

2 thoughts on “Tourism”

  1. I enjoyed your piece in the most recent n+1. You mentioned Pitchfork, Spin, and Blender as places where you go to get your music criticism, which are admirable publications, but you should give Stylus a try as well. At any rate, the Dissanayake allusion reminds me of a Churchill quote, or something to that effect, when being told that the Arts budget needed to be cut to put more monies toward the war effort: to which he replied, "What are we fighting for then?" But now it seems that the reference doesn't obtain – at least not in the way I'm remembering it. Nonetheless, check out Stylus .

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