Since it hasn’t figured in the New York Times, I almost missed it, but the Italian courts have issued arrest warrants for another six C.I.A. agents. In June the Italians prosecuted thirteen American agents for kidnapping from Milan an Al Qaeda sympathizer named Hassan Osama Nasr, or Abu Omar, and “rendering” him to Egypt, where he seems to have been tortured. The judge at the time distinguished the thirteen agents who did the kidnapping from six others who had merely kept Abu Omar under surveillance and worked out some of the logistics. An appeals court now says that all nineteen should be arrested, because they worked together closely. In fact, according to the Italian prosecutors, “A female agent from the group of six shared a room at the five-star Westin Hotel in Milan with a male agent from the group of 13.” It still seems unlikely to me that the case will amount to more than a gesture, but I appreciate the details unearthed.