The mother of all indices

My meager index to the 9/11 Commmission Report has been superseded by a younger, broader, deeper, and bright red one, published by the collective over at n+1. Apparently it’s so big it comes in installments.

(The only thing is, if you’re going to index Clarke down to his expletives, don’t you have to put in the story of him calling an official in the United Arab Emirates and advising him not to go hunting with Bin Ladin in the Afghan desert, as our satellite imagery revealed that he recently had, thus kiboshing a site where Bin Ladin might have been targeted? Page 138. (No, but seriously: Nicely done.))

2 thoughts on “The mother of all indices”

  1. The Emirati omission has been rectified in our new Bin Ladin entry. Thanks for pointing it out.

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