Extra Biscuits

Today I learned from Emily Nussbaum that over 95 percent of blogs are written by people age 29 and under. Thus mine is rare and special. I also learned that if I were a teenager, I would be more
Miscellaneous in format. In that spirit I offer a mix tape, or rather, a list by which you might assemble one. (Aside in blogese: The other day I noticed that if you link to anything with the string mp3 in the URL, within twenty-four hours the spider of the RIAA deposits a nit in your referers page. Scary.) This is not a “top ten,” I hasten to assure Luke Menand, and anyone else who finds them upsetting. The title of this mix is “Extra Biscuits.”

  1. Ben Kweller, “I don’t know why (L.A. unmixed),” from his website
  2. Belle & Sebastian, “Jonathan David,” from Jonathan David
  3. Blur, “Girls & Boys,” from Parklife
  4. The Decemberists, “Grace Cathedral Hill,” from Castaways and Cutouts
  5. Johnny Cash and Will Oldham, “I See a Darkness,” from American III: Solitary Man
  6. Fountains of Wayne, “The Senator’s Daughter,” from Utopia Parkway
  7. Serge Gainsbourg, “L’anamour,” from Comic Strip
  8. Norfolk & Western, “Terrified,” from Dusk in Cold Parlours
  9. The Wrens, “Boys, You Won’t,” from The Meadowlands
  10. The Three O’Clock, “Tomorrow,” from Sixteen Tambourines

  11. Radiohead, “Exit Music (For a Film),” from OK Computer