Not as nasty as she wanted to be

The Spanish dancer Lola Montez, who was actually Irish, captivated Louis I of Bavaria, and he gave her a castle in 1846. But she seems to have left New York audiences nonplussed several years later. The New York correspondent of the Philadelphia Public Ledger disrespected her in a startlingly contemporary turn of phrase:

Put down Lola Montes, at the Broadway Theatre, a “dead failure,” and for these reasons.—She has not sufficient merit, as a danseuse, to attract the lovers and admirers of the art terpsichorean, nor enough of “the nasty” (excuse the word, it is the most expressive I can find,) to ensure the patronage of the prurient.

The earliest citation in the OED of “nasty” as a noun for “sexual intercourse” is dated 1934.