Photos from Iraq, taken today

Actually, only the first two of the photos below were taken today. But the immediacy is disconcerting. It’s a little unreal to think that someone I’ve known for years took these photographs in Iraq this morning, and I’m looking at them after lunch in the safe haven of Brooklyn. I know that this collapse of distance happens daily in newsrooms, but it takes some getting used to. All of these photos have been taken by T. R. Klysa, USMC, who also provided the information in the captions. (Note of caution: Some viewers may find the image at the bottom left to be difficult.)


Former Iraqi Directorate of Special Security, Baghdad, April 19, 2003. Left: “Can see pretty clearly where the cruise missile drove right through the front entrance of this building.” Right: “Literally, tons and tons of paperwork. Dossiers. Files. Binders. The paperwork here is a mix of political prisoners and Baath party leaders—all mixed up. It is very unlikely any of this will ever get sorted out. This was
taken from a pile marked ‘burn.’ “

Fragments of U.S. cruise missiles.

102-0239: Regional Baath Party Headquarters, Al Azziyah, April 6, 2003. “Emblem of the former Iraqi regime.”