In Babylon

More photos from my friend in Iraq, T. R. Klysa, USMC, who has also provided the information in the captions. He’s now stationed in Al Hillah, better known as Babylon, where he is advising the local government on schools and food distribution.

Khawawla Bint El Azawer School for Girls and Western School for Boys, Al Hillah (Babylon), Iraq. April 27, 2003. “Boys and girls go to the school separately in shifts, as is common for schools in Iraq. Elementary school, grades 1-6, student population of about 600. About 25 rooms. 50 windows, 37 broken according to my count. ‘Western school’ because it was originally built by the British in 1921.”

Left: Portrait of Khawawla Bint El Azawer, at the Khawawla Bint El Azawer School for Girls. “An Iraqi hero, a horsewoman—sort of a Joan of Arc type—according to legend stood up to Roman invaders.” Right: Greek Theater, Babylon ruins complex. April 24, 2003. Update: There was an article about this theater in the New York Times by Alan Riding on May 2, 2003.