Prospect Park, 6/29/2021

Raccoons, Prospect Park

Acadian flycatcher, Prospect Park

Birders often liken the call of the Acadian flycatcher to the word “pizza,” with the accent on the second syllable: “pi-ZZAAH.” To me, though, it sounds like it’s saying “cliché,” followed by a pause of about fifteen seconds, and then “cliché” again. The intermittent verdicts of an editor making his way slowly through a draft.

Acadian flycatcher, Prospect Park

Prospect Park, 6/8/2021

Mock strawberry, Prospect Park

This is a mock strawberry, but I thought it was a real one, so I tasted it. Only a little, because the bumps looked weird. It was . . . insipid. Happily, according to the internet, it’s nontoxic.

Acadian flycatcher, Prospect Park

I heard this flycatcher, and spent most of my allotment of birding time this morning waiting for it to perch somewhere relatively visible. By the time it did, I was accompanied by Terry, Charles T., Jeremy N., and Enrico, who were able to identify it as an Acadian by its song.

Raccoon, Prospect Park

Went home and put in the air conditioners.